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  • Tuesday June 15th, 2021
    6 Best Food-Grade Rubbers, Their Uses & The Most Common Additives

    Polymers used in food contact rubbers Different rubber products require different rubber types. One of the most important criteria used in selecting a particular rubber for a specific use case is its temperature resistance, although other properties such as chemical inertness, the physical properties of the resulting product (e.g., tensile strength, abrasion and tear resistance)…

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  • Thursday May 13th, 2021
    EPDM in the automotive industry

    EPDM is a synthetic rubber used in various industries due to its versatility and employability in a number of sectors – one of which is the automotive industry – where rubber is needed with special qualities. But what are these special qualities that made possible the widespread use of EPDM in so many areas? And…

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  • Wednesday March 31st, 2021
    What makes neoprene such a popular synthetic rubber?

    From the material used in leggings to the coating on your exercise weights, you can come across neoprene every day. But what makes this synthetic rubber so versatile and what industries have recognized its worth? In the following, we’re going to look into neoprene in detail. Neoprene was the first synthetic rubber, invented in 1930…

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