Hoses & elbows

As the leading silicone hose manufacturer in the CE region we know exactly that industrial rubber tubes and hoses are continuously tested by different impacts. At SIC we produce rubber hoses and elbows that stand all mechanical, temperature or pressure impacts perfectly. Our knowledge and expertise made us one of the most dominant silicone tube manufacturers in Europe in the last 20 years.

General application

Industrial silicone pipes are used as essential parts in high-performance machines. Compared to an average pipe our high-quality silicon pipes have uniquely high heat resistant characteristics (up to 250 °C ) providing longer life and better operational safety. For functions requiring full resistance against high pressure we produce reinforced pipes, which are most commonly used by trucks, motors, ships, airplanes and further driver machines.

Every angle available

Various temperature range

Variable lengths and diameters

Custom made for your needs


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