As the leading cone producer company in Europe we provide industries with high-quality and cost-effective rubber cones. Our cones are commonly applied by sports associations, training and driving schools and other fields where it has an importance to avoid persons’ or vehicles’ damages. With decades of experience in cone manufacturing we provide long-living, premium quality marker cones, soccer cones and a further types of sports cones.

Commonly used technology in the following industries



Our rubber cones are resistant against extreme temperature conditions. Our cones preserve flexibility between -40 and +80 degrees Celsius.


Using SIC’s rubber cones you don’t need to worry about the massiveness. As we produce them from high quality EPDM with a shore hardness of 60 SH A, our cones are unbreakable and cause almost no damage in vehicles.


SIC’s rubber cones are perfectly UV resistant. They preserve color for up to 5 years.

Salt water

Despite of using our rubber cones with constant and direct interaction with sea or other kinds of salty water, it preserves its quality.


Our unique rubber cones’ expected lifetime is 20+ years. The quality raw materials we use guarantee long life expectancy.

Base versions


30 cm high white cone with one added red stripe


30 cm high yellow cone with one added red stripe


50 cm high white cone with two added red stripes


50 cm high yellow cone with two added red stripes

Variable colors

We offer rubber cones in variable colors.
At SIC, we also produce custom colored cones upon special request.

Cone colors
white +-ral 0000
Stripe colors
blue +-ral 5005
Colored cone preview

Shipment and packaging

Thanks to our modern logistic methods and extended logistic partnerships we offer safe packaging services and shipping services worldwide.

  • Kobold package

    Our Kobold products can be shipped on a pallet packed with 45 carton boxes.
    Each of the 23x23x53 cm cartons contain 10 cones.

  • Junior package

    Junior cones are delivered in 31x31x74 cm carton boxes containing 10 cones.
    A pallet is packed with 16 boxes.

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Cone colors
white +-ral 0000
Stripe colors
blue +-ral 5005
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