Liquid RTV silicone

Minimal Shrinkage

Hot ingredients usually shrink after cooling down, which is a great problem when an industry needs rubber parts with precise size requirements. Our products made of RTV silicone have minimal shrinkage after getting out of the molding tool. Due to this, all of our products made of RTV silicone are delivered with proper sizes.

Application on
fragile materials

RTV silicone is a lightweight, liquid material applied on room temperature. As it’s not used in hot temperature, RTV silicone solidifies perfectly on the surfaces of glass, plastic or any other fragile materials without melting or breaking them.

What is RTV silicone?

RTV silicone is a pourable type of rubber that solidifies on room temperature. Dozens of industries use liquid silicone rubber molding technology to create molds in different shapes and sizes. Industrial companies usually create negative molds from RTV liquid silicone. It’s easy-to-use and allows a range of industrial rubber solutions at a very competitive price.


Producing industrial rubber parts from RTV silicone is a very cost-effective method as there is no machine cost and the basic material is available at a low price. Products made of RTV silicone have very low shrinkage precise size and shape. It’s easily applicable on glass, plastic or any fragile materials.

Technological advantages


Using RTV liquid rubber technology is appropriate for diverse industrial goals. Whenever it comes to rubber parts in glass industry, food manufacturing, logistics or electronic industry, RTV silicone offers a solution that fits industries’ requirements. It’s seals machine parts properly, resist against heat and shock and applicable on fragile items.

Commonly used technology in the following industries


Read our case study to have
an insight of pourable RTV silicone

Long geometric rubber parts become convex

In our example rubber is molded on a long metal part. Because of the high temperature molding process shrinkage is present on the centre of the part, so it measures bigger on the sides. This results to an uneven and unwanted shape.


By machining the metal parts to be convex, we can minimize the effects of the shrinkage. By changing technology to RTV silicone we can insure the lowest possible shrinkage and create very precise products.

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