How can I order?

Orders are received by email, which are going to be confirmed within 72 hours. We kindly ask you to refer to the reference numbers (HXXXX) appeared on our price offers. In the case of new products, we create a vulcanizing mold and send you a prototype. If you are satisfied with it, we start on series production.

What information do you need for a price offer? 

Technical drawing or draft / sample product, which we draw professionally

Quantity and regularity of delivery

Determination of the compound (read more). In the case you cannot designate the compound, please tell us about the material the final product will get in touch with and determine the mechanical stress it may withstand

Determination of hardness (read more)

Determination of colour (can match RAL chart)

Special requirements, like KTW, WRAS, FDA, pharmaceutical certificate

Delivery demands

Packaging demands

Product identification demands

Other needs

What is the minimum order amount? Is it possible to order small series?

In our price offers we always show up the minimal order amount. Apart from this, it is also possible to order small series, for further information please contact.

Do you make packaging as a service?

Yes, we continuously develop our services in order to protect the products we manufacture. Please, let us know about your demands on packaging.

Who is bearing the cost of the production molds?

The mold costs are transferred 50 or 100% to our clients. Custom financing is available.

Who is the owner of the mold? Can I transfer the mold?

After paying off the costs, you as a client obtain the ownership of the molds. You can freely transport the molds afterwards.

How long do you store the molds?

 The molds owned by our clients are stored for 5 years for no additional cost after the last production period. At the expiration of the storage period you receive a notification and you may decide whether to deliver it, or extend the storage in a part of a new agreement.

What mold do I need to order?

Our technical colleagues are readily available in the case of appropriate technology or mold selection.

What shipping condition or Incoterms do you offer?

Our default offering contains EXW Sic Hungary Kft. We are open to organize different Incoterms:

  • FCA, after the transmission to the first carrier, buyer is responsible for cost and risk
  • DAP, delivered at place. In this case we may create a unit price which contains the cost of the shipment. Our contracted couriers we ship your products anywhere.

How long does it take to start on production?

In the case a mold is not available to us, it takes 3 – 8 weeks to begin production depending on the molds’ complexity. If you already have a mold produced by our company, we adjust flexibly to your delivery needs. We do our best to deliver even the highest demands within 4 weeks.

If your mold is not produced by SIC and you ask for inquiry, we estimate the the maximal daily, weekly or monthly quantities that we are able to produce. Faster production is always available with extra shift, producing for stock or buying a spare set of molds.

Do you have products in stock?

SIC has only two product ranges in stock: rubber cones and silicone hoses, elbows and reducers. We mainly produce non-standard, custom products, that are only kept in stock in the case of specific logistic needs.

Can you produce custom products?

Yes, we are highly specialized on producing individual products. Please, feel free to ask our colleagues with any questions.

Which compound do I have to determine when asking inquiry?

Please contact our colleagues in the case you are not sure which rubber compound will withstand the conditions the rubber part is going to meet. Be sure to let us know about the operating temperature ranges, the mechanical stress and other chemicals the part may be in contact with.

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