Compression molding

What is Compression molding?

As the first step of the compression molding process first we prepare a pre-form material. When a certain quantity of the raw material is properly measured and prepared it’s put into the mold to get compressed. Even stiff and high durometer rubber materials become perfectly vulcanized and get dimensionally stable final shapes in the compression mold tool. Compression molding process is a quick and efficient technology resulting high quality and long-living rubber products for various industries.


Thanks to our in-house compression-molding machine – which is one of the biggest in the CE region – we are able to produce rubber products in a maximal size of 1200x1200x500 mm. SIC rubber factory’s product range contains a number of different compression molded products from small to extra-big dimensions. Compression molding is an efficient and price-competitive technology for the production of rubber items without the demand of tight tolerances.

Technological advantages


With decades of experience in compression molding and further industrial rubber manufacturing technologies SIC stands out of Central European compression molding companies. Our compression-molded products perfectly satisfy the rubber needs of various industries.

Commonly used technology in the following industries


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Reducing tooling cost for a product range containing hundreds of variations

In this case a Tier 2 automotive OEM supplier had a product range of similar compression molded products, but form hundreds of variations. The estimated tooling cost to cover these large number of molds was very high.


We have designed a universally variable mold for this specific product range. By the usage of tool inserts length, width and height can be modified. By designing one clever mold we avoided the investment into hundreds of similar molds.


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