Mechanical gaskets are commonly used to prevent leaking or to fill the gaps between coupled components.

As a leading manufacturer of rubber gaskets, SIC Hungary offers a wide range of durable and resistant rubber gaskets to meet specific demands of various industries.

SIC Hungary specializes in continuous production and supply of gaskets for the following industries:



Medium to high volumes of tube gaskets are often produced by die-cutting. Die-cutting is a method when gasket shapes are cut from larger rubber sheets or rolls, resulting in flat rubber items.

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is a common production method that provides a fast and flexible way to produce complex rubber parts while preserving the material’s essential features.

Pressing and vulcanization

Gaskets can also be made by casting, enabling the production of custom-designed gasket shapes due to the various shapes the mould can take.

Blending technologies

Thanks to our array of special manufacturing equipment, we can combine the above-mentioned technologies to manufacture rare and special rubber items.


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