Gaskets are mechanical seals, which is generally used to prevent leakage from or into the connected mechanical parts by filling the space between them. As the leading rubber gasket manufacturer, SIC Hungary offers a range of massive and resistant rubber gaskets helping various industries with their specific needs.

Commonly used technology in the following industries


Die cut

Medium to high volumes of tuber gaskets often produced by die cutting. Die cutting is a method when gasket shapes are cut from larger rubber sheets or rolls resulting flat rubber items.

Water-jet cutting

Another type of gaskets is cut by water-jet. It provides a quick and flexible solution to fabricate complex rubber parts while maintaining the essential properties of the material.


Gaskets can be also molded. It allows absolutely unique gasket shapes – depending on the adjustment of the mold.

Mixing technologies

Thanks to SIC Hungary’s unique technical apparatus we are able to mix the above technologies to develop rare and outstanding rubber products that meet even the most special requirements.

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