At SIC we are prepared to provide for the rubber needs of the ever changing automotive industry.

We specify for the complex rubber needs of the automotive industry. Pipe diameters can be developed at any size depending on the attributes of the end product. Our products also can be developed to withstand almost any chemical resistance, be it oil, diesel, gasoline, coolant or brake fluid. To show our dedication towards the industry and anyone approaching us, we keep running even non-compulsory tests and analyses on our products, without any obligation.

It is important for our company to solely rely on reliable and trustworthy suppliers. Therefore, we only work with well-established global brands like Wacker, Momentive or LG. The high-quality raw materials provided by these companies serve as a perfect base for an excellent product you can trust. With years and years of experience behind us we can provide for any specific needs of our clients. In order to offer the best customized service, we analyze the unique needs of our customers. We are able to provide for the exact demand and adjust the quality of our products to the cooling materials in use.

At SIC quality comes first. Our manufacturing operations are inspected, verified and tested by various norms and requirements. Strict quality analysis and checks are conducted during and post manufacturing operations. This helps us deliver products above the DIN/ASTM/SAE standards, as well as those that exceed our clients’ specifications. We also offer a full-fledged traceability. Our customers can follow each and every step of the production process from the very beginning to the end product.

The Testing and Quality Control Include

100% Material Testing before Production (including Rheometric Analaysis)

Statistical process controls for “thickness” and other Special Characteristics defined by Customer

Time and Temperature Control during Curing and Post-Curing of the Hoses

100% Visual Inspection (Final Inspection)

Dimensional and Destructive (pressure resistance) Tests done as per a Sampling Plan

Full Fledged Traceability (backed up on our ERP system)

Life-cycle tests (Pressure cycles while maintaining temperatures up to 220 degrees centigrade inside and outside the hose)

Other test as needed by the customer can also be undertaken, for e.g. Ozone, Thermal Shock, Salt-Spray for metal fittings, Dust Resistance, etc.

Accessible technologies

Considering the importance and uniqueness of the automobile industry we at SIC make sure to use the best available technologies.

Logistics and quality management

Our company not only is prepared to produce any sort of rubber product, but we have a professional logistic apparatus too. Thanks to our decades-long experience we have developed the most reliable and adjustable logistics system possible. We offer shipping of any of our products, with any required frequency and quantity. At SIC we follow the latest logistical methods that enable us to provide for any possible requirements. We offer just in time (JIT) shipping so you can increase efficiency by reducing inventory costs. We are also prepared and experienced enough to be your original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Urgent orders don’t pose a problem for us. Small or big, regular or one time orders, we are your best choice for shipping.

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We do it seriously to give privacy to our clients. We have clients form OEMs to small businesses from anywhere of the world.

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