About us

SIC is a market leading industrial rubber producer in the CE region providing high-quality rubber products and unique, on demand solutions for diverse businesses in-house. SIC Hungary is based in Pásztó, within an hour away from Budapest providing a strategic location for multinational companies in Europe. By constant development of technologies and application of modern logistic methods SIC satisfies the rubber needs of both local industries and other European markets like Germany, Switzerland, France and even Scandinavian countries.

The success of those we serve is the foundation of our success also. We have put a big emphasis on the development of our materials and technologies to provide our partners with quality in-house solutions they can lean on. being a major supplier for several international companies we have developed highly efficient logistic solutions also.

We always aim to be a reliable, long-term partner of as many businesses as possible. Nothing makes us prouder than the fact that we have a number of 50-years long business relationships among our clients. In the last 80+ years we have successfully proven them that SIC is the ultimate answer for any kinds of industrial rubber needs.


Zoltán Bakallár

Sales Manager

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Zsolt Molnár

Quality Assurance and R&D

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Zsolt Pádár

Production manager, Quality assurance leader

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