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SIC was founded in Belgium in 1936 and opened up it’s Hungarian rubber factory in the early 90’s. With its 80 years’ history in industrial rubber engineering and manufacturing SIC became one of the leading players on the European rubber market. As a rubber factory with in-house production facilities, advanced IT technologies and logistic methods SIC knows no limits in producing rubber for different applications.

We bring full solutions for any kind of applications and usages. Our rubber factory provides different businesses with high quality rubber products that preserve quality and consistency in all circumstances. Thanks to our tested manufacturing methods our rubber parts always meet quality standards, have ISO and fits any kind of production models. It’s proven by a number of strong, 50-years long partnerships.

Rubber as its best – That’s what SIC mean.

  • 80+ years of experience
  • In house manufacturing capacity
  • Advanced Logistic methods
  • Rubber-for-application
  • DIN 7715

    Size tolerances in technical rubber manufacturing are defined in a German standard document, called DIN 7715. At SIC, the size tolerances specified in DIN 7715 are continuously observed and kept.

  • ISO 3302

    ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a federation controlling national standards bodies worldwide. Industrial rubber products’ dimensional and geometrical tolerances are specified in ISO 3302. Our rubber products always meet these requirements.

  • ASTM

    The qualifications of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) also concern to all industrial rubber manufacturing processes. Our factory and products perfectly meet the requirements specified by ASTM.

Technological advantages


You could hardly find an industry with no need of rubber. Mechanical processes, sealing or insulation functions and many more commonly use rubber as a prior material.

While most of the rubber manufacturers try to find companies searching for their products, SIC aims to develop the perfect product for your business. Besides a portfolio of high quality rubber products in various sizes, shapes and colors we design and produce custom products also. We develop rubber solutions to support different businesses and to make their workflow more secure and efficient. SIC specializes in manufacturing rubber for the following industries:

Commonly used technology in the following industries
Imagine a rubber part – we create it.

We develop unique rubber products that support the processes of your industry. Even, if it’s extremely special. SIC knows no impossible when it comes to designing and producing special rubber parts. Many of your industry’s rubber elements can be already found in our product range.

The rest exists in our imagination. We can’t wait to create it for you.

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In-house equipment – High production capacity

Located in the heart of central-Europe SIC provides you with highest quality industrial rubber at a very competitive price. In the last 80+ years SIC has continuously developed its production system and machinery to always meet the highest demands of a growing economical environment. We work with modern, in-house equipment, which makes us able to provide European businesses with all-round rubber solutions – from design to application.

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Producing Rubber Beyond Imagination Since 1936
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