Rubber to metal bonding


Direct interaction of industrial metal parts can cause serious damages by increasing the erosion of materials. To prevent unexpected expenses caused by ruined metal parts, most businesses use rubber-bonded metal. Bonding rubber to metal is a great challenge. It takes experience and proper technology. At SIC, rubber to metal bonding process is made by vulcanization, which gives our rubber-bonded metal parts stabile quality and extra-long lifetime.

Product design
to precision fit

Mechanical parts often become dilated or deformed due to constant usage, which causes slight displacements and jeopardizes mechanical processes. These problems often occur with O-rings, making fittings inaccurate. This annoying and risky O-ring failure is completely solved by SIC’s uniquely designed rubber-bonded metal parts which enable perfect precision fitting in any machinery.

Increased lifetime
of high value seals

Some minor parts of machines seem to be unimportant but its’ failure can raise maintenance costs extremely high. A rubber seal seems to be cheap when you go to an average commercial shop to buy it. But it becomes exceedingly valuable when it goes wrong in the middle of a machine and you face the costs of replacement. We believe buying a high-quality rubber product is an investment.

On demand delivery for any quantity

In the last 80+ years SIC has been working successfully as a major supplier of several companies by following modern highly efficient logistic methods. Thanks to our on-demand delivery services we can support your industry by delivering diverse quantities in diverse scheduling. Whether your business needs a low quantity of rubber products semi-annually or a bigger number of rubber parts on a monthly basis SIC’s delivery solutions are flexible yet always accurate.


To create massive rubber-metal parts with perfect adhesion and no unnecessary movements we use professional vulcanization processes in the production of O-rings, seals and further products. Due to our advanced technologies we are able to manufacture insulate, anti-static, dissipative or conductive rubber metal and further products with electronic properties. We apply protective layers, which make our rubber metal products perfectly resistant against corrosion. In order to provide best possible adhesion we apply bonding agents and use surface treatment materials provided by world leading suppliers. Thus, all of our products’ structure and surface always maintain quality against extreme heat, pressure or abrasion. We offer professional maintenance service also. In case of deterioration due to continuous usage, metal parts can be re-rubberized.

Technological advantages


SIC has 50 years’ experience in rubber metal bonding. Our rubberized metal parts fit the requirements of several industries, such as machining, logistics, automotive business, electronics, glass industry and many more. With high attention on industry-specific amount of pressure, the chemical, mechanical and electronic environment we manufacture rubber-bonded metal products that meet the highest standards. A small rubber metal part at an important location in your industry has high economic value. We know exactly how to produce it to support your business.

Commonly used technology in the following industries


Read our case study to have
an insight of rubber to metal bonding

Angular rubber seal looses insulating ability when contacting oil

Rubber – metal part seems perfect on room temperature after production, but during operating conditions it contacts oil and the angular seals are loosing the sharp edges, so the seal is imperfect.


With the method of reverse engineering we have developed a compound, which reaches its final form when it is in contact with oil, so the perfect seal is granted during operation.


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