• Tuesday April 25th, 2023
    What are the main aspects of injection mold tooling?

    Injection molding is an excellent technology for combining molding and vulcanization as well as offering the free choice of color. For injection molding to work efficiently, it is essential to have the right tooling to ensure that even after manufacturing large quantities, products require only minimal post-production work. It is important to consider the planned…

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  • Thursday January 12th, 2023
    When is extrusion molding beneficial in the production of rubber components?

    Extrusion is a long-established process in the rubber industry. It has significant advantages over other methods such as injection molding. Extrusion molding is a very efficient method of large volume production, where the total length of the products can be expressed as a multiple of 500 meters. However, it has limitations too, such as the…

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  • Friday December 16th, 2022
    The four most common methods of rubber prototyping

    With the development of design softwares, one might think that prototyping would lose its function, but this is far from the case today. Prototypes and their creation still play an important role in the plastic and rubber industry. It enables testing the prototypes themselves and the processes by which they are made. In this article,…

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