• Thursday January 30th, 2020
    How to select compounds for a rubber product – Ultimate Guide

    The two main determinants of product quality in case of rubber products are material and the manufacturing process. Provided that the manufacturing is flawless, choosing the right compound for a rubber product is crucial for several reasons. Human error may lead to failure in application – the worst that can happen -, which might be…

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  • Sunday December 22nd, 2019
    Plant upgrades to watch out for

    Have you seen out latest installments in our plant? If not, let us give you an imaginary tour on what we have been so busy working on lately. Obviously, top quality products can only be manufactured in a highly efficient plant, therefore, we aim at upgrading our environment to facilitate a smooth production process. Welcoming…

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  • Thursday September 12th, 2019
    Compression Molding vs Injection Molding

    Compression molding or injection molding? There is no right answer. Read our article and learn about the pros and cons of both technologies and where they might perform best. What is compression molding The compression molding tool makes even stiff and high durometer rubber materials perfectly vulcanized and dimensionally stable. Compression molding is basically curing…

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