• Monday September 12th, 2022
    The ultimate guide to accordion hoses

    Highly versatile accordion hoses are suitable for various industrial applications. Depending on their intended use, hoses can be made of different materials, although their manufacturing process is similar. In this article, you’ll learn what type of accordion hose is best suited for your application. What is an accordion hose, what are the most frequent applications,…

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  • Tuesday August 30th, 2022
    (Magyar) Olaj- és oldószer-ellenállás költséghatékonyan fluorszilikon béléssel

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian and German.

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  • Monday August 22nd, 2022
    Reverse engineering faster than ever? Now possible with our new 3D laser scanner

    As part of our product design services, we often receive custommade parts from our clients that require a high level of engineering capabilities to design. This design process can be significantly accelerated by scanning the product with a 3D laser scanner which then creates a CAD drawing. We made a considerable invested to upgrade our…

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