What is a mold?

Molding process is an industrial technology used to shape pliable or liquid raw materials by using a frame with defined shape called a mold. The shape and the quality of the mold determine the shape and the quality of your final product.

At SIC we are able to create unique molds we can produce unique rubber items with. We produce molds from highest quality aluminum available on the market to guarantee that your mold is perfectly shaped. After the making of your own, unique mold we can adapt it to your production schedule and use it on your demand. After the mold production we offer continuous mold maintenance services to our partners also.

There is no perfect final product without a tested and fool-proof mold. This is why we consider molds as investments with high returns.

How can I buy a mold?

At SIC we are happy to make you a unique mold designed with detailed attention on your business goals and your industry’s requirements. We always mark the costs of molds in our quotations we prepare on rubber production. There are to ways of financing a mold production project.

You can pay full amount of the mold production in one amount. If you prefer not to pay the whole amount in one part you have an opportunity to build the mold production costs into the products we deliver to you. In this case, the price of the products made with your unique mold contains the expenses of the mold production itself. This second ways of financing works very well with man of our clients.

Mold transfer program

We have years of experience in adapting different molds in to our in-house production system. You don’t need to worry if you already have a mold with fix size and shape – SIC will successfully handle it. Once you decide to switch to SIC from your current rubber provider, we help you through the following steps to save you time and money:

  • Prior inspection of your mold

    We collect all the necessary information on your mold and product range.

  • Transportation

    Our colleagues happily assist you in transporting your mold to our production area.

  • Testing

    We run a short test period first to observe your mold in action.

  • Adaptation

    If tests show success and all the parameters fit well, we are ready to start the production with your mold.

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