Research and development

We continuously develop our technological methods and compounds to reach new material qualities with higher resistance and longer life expectancy. At SIC’s research and development center we work hard on finding new technological methods and engineering solutions that fit even the most special requirements of diverse industries. We believe in results-oriented rubber engineering which means: finding the proper solutions for even the hardest issues.

Solving technological issues
with rubber

Once you contact SIC with a specific issue demanding prompt and complex solution we provide you with professional advice based on our tested and well-functioning methods. Whether you need rubber for unique application or a product with special compound SIC has both the know-how and technology to create the product you imagine.

product design

After finding the right materials and technologies to solve your industry’s rubber issue we prepare professional product design plans. Our 3D plans perfectly demonstrate the size and shape conditions of the rubber product. Also, we provide you with a detailed written specification of the planned product’s resistance properties, tolerances and expected behavior in different applications.


The next step after designing the custom rubber part you need SIC provides you with the ultimate demonstration of the engineering solution: we produce the first prototype. It’s always produced from tested materials and represents all the qualities of the final product.

Prototype analysis

After producing the prototype we perform a professional analysis of the prototype to make sure its’ compound and structure perfectly meet all the requirements of your industrial environment. At the end of our prototype testing procedure you get a technical document containing all the measurement results of the temperature, flexibility, shock and further tests.


After all the above steps your custom rubber product is ready for production. Beyond development and designing SIC Hungary’s expertise extends to the delivery of your freshly developed rubber solution. We are able to bring rubber solutions to your business by following modern and efficient logistic methods. Whether you need your custom rubber part to be mass-produced or manufactured in a limited edition SIC produces and delivers it to you on time and in the required quantity.


Zoltán Bakallár

Sales Manager

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