Injection molding

What is Injection molding?

Injection molding process became one of the most efficient and highly sought-after technologies to create molded rubber items. Rubber injection molding process starts with the preparation of the uncured stock. After it’s heated up significantly hot, liquid compound runs into the closed cavity from the injection nozzle through different runners. Finally we get a dimensionally stabile, perfectly vulcanized rubber item with no need of much aftercare before delivery.


As it reduces waste and allows for a very quick production cycle rubber injection molding is one of the most cost-effective technologies. Our injection-molding machine has a capacity of producing even a big number of rubber products that meet the requirements of several industries.

Technological advantages


Rubber injection molding method provides proper solution for the production of cones, automotive parts and components, balls, gaskets and further industrial rubber items used by different businesses. We have decades of experience in injection molding at SIC making us able to satisfy the rubber needs of diverse industrial companies.

Commonly used technology in the following industries


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Extra transparent silicone hoses for better quality check

Silicone tubes were installed in an animal feeding system. It was not possible to visually check the food flowing through the tubes. It may happen that any unwanted material is present in the feeding system which should not reach the animals.


We have developed a platina cured silicone, which was fully transparent. This way the operators could continuously check the quality of the food in the tubes.



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