SIC offers a wide range of rubber supplies in order to satisfy the needs of the ever changing motorsport industry.

At SIC you can find the whole set of rubber equipment motorsport might be in the need of. Whether it is silicon tubes, gaskets or buoys for training or track marking. We stock standard items, feel free however to approach us with your custom requests. Our company is absolutely prepared to develop the best and most durable rubber tools you might ever need in motorsport. For turbo application we offer our special tubes. Cooling tubes made of silicone, for the transportation of cooling water, organic rubber. In case of using low temperatures we offer neoprene for cost efficiency. Depending on the expected pressure or vacuum force we offer several stabilization techniques; meta-aramid, nomex, polyesther, wrapped hose or yarn. We also offer different solutions for horizontal and vertical use.

Accessible technologies

In motorsport friction is a key issue. Therefore, we use rubber to metal bonding technology in order to create anti-vibrational silents. With compression molding technologies we also create anti-vibrational elements, special tubes and seals. We also offer injection-molding technology. To secure tubes used in motorsport we use extruding molding.

Logistics and quality management

Our company not only is prepared to produce any sort of rubber product, but we have a professional logistic apparatus too. Thanks to our decades-long experience we have developed the most reliable and adjustable logistics system possible. We offer shipping of any of our products, with any required frequency and quantity. At SIC we follow the latest logistical methods that enable us to provide for any possible requirements. We offer just in time (JIT) shipping so you can increase efficiency by reducing inventory costs. We are also prepared and experienced enough to be your original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Urgent orders don’t pose a problem for us. Small or big, regular or one time orders, we are your best choice for shipping.

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We do it seriously to give privacy to our clients. We have clients form OEMs to small businesses from anywhere of the world.

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