Transmission molding

What is Transmission molding?

At transmission molding – unlike the compression molding technology – final product does not get its final shape directly in the cavity. When the pre-formed uncured material starts being pressed it runs through different transfer routes and floats into a closed mold tool, where rubber gets vulcanized due to high heat and pressure. The transfer molding process combines the methods of injection and compression molding technologies making it a highly efficient production process for various usages and applications.


Transmission molding technology supports high precision applications and provides a perfect solution for the production of industrial rubber parts with complex geometric attributes. Production time significantly reduces with transmission molding processes, which by raises productivity and supports a range of industries.

Technological advantages


Transmission molding allows more precise shapes, sharper edges and further qualities to meet tight tolerances. Final products manufactured with transmission molding process are welcomed and continuously used by diverse industries. At SIC we provide a range of different businesses with high-quality transmission molded rubber products.

Commonly used technology in the following industries
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