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Fluorosilicone lined silicone hoses – a cost-effective solution for oil and fuel resistance

Silicone is one of the most versatile materials and is therefore widely used for hoses and tubes. Fluorosilicone expands the application possibilities of standard silicone hoses and makes them even more adaptable to various uses.

To achieve a strong chemical bond, material technology combines fluorine and carbon to increase silicone’s heat resistance, strength, stability, and durability, especially its resistance to oils and fuels.

Fluorosilicone lined hoses are a cost-effective alternative to fluorosilicone hoses, although they barely or not at all lose the positive properties of the material.

Fluorosilicone lined hose, resistant to a wide range of temperatures

About fluorosilicone

Fluorosilicone, also known as FVMQ, is a fluorine-vinyl methyl silicone composition. The silicone-based polymer contains fluorine groups added to the main polymer chain.

Key benefits of fluorosilicone

FVMQ is resistant to a wide range of fluids, making it an ideal base material for hoses used for general automotive oils and fuels, solvents, and other chemicals, and as a conductor for aviation fuels and lubricants.

Furthermore, fluorosilicone is also a good sealant, resistant to aging, weather effects, water, and ozone. It retains its elasticity even at low temperatures and its tensile strength remains constant over a wide temperature range, making it dynamically loadable.

Dynamically loadable fluorosilicone lined hose

The drawbacks of fluorosilicone

The application of the material is mainly limited by its poor abrasion resistance. It is also non-resistant to ketones, hydrazines, and aldehydes. The production process of the material is complex and costly, thus it is frequently used as a liner for hoses.

Properties of fluorosilicone

Thermal resistance -60⁰C - +230⁰C
Hardness Shore A scale 40 - 80
Relative density 1,59 ± 0,005 g/cm³
Tensile strength 5 MPa
Elongation at break 210%
Tear strength 23 KN/m

A polyester reinforcement can be used as a protective fabric to prevent external damage to the hose. This reduces heat resistance of the material, but that can be increased with meta-aramid.

Increased chemical resistance with fluorosilicone lining

What are the main advantages of a fluorosilicone lined hose?


Due to the complex and costly production of the material, lining a hose with fluorosilicone is a more cost-effective and time-saving solution. The material retains its resistance even in thinner layers, hence the lining functions as protection.

Oil & fuel resistance

Standard silicone rubber is porous and therefore not suitable for oils and fuels. Fluorosilicone, however, contains trifluoropropyl groups that enhance the chemical resistance of the material to non-polar solvents, fuels, oils, acids, and alkaline chemicals.

Chemical resistance

Fluorosilicone lined silicone hoses are resistant to oils and fuels, as well as to vapors and chemicals in the charge air cooling, SCR, and EGR systems.

Perfect protection for a wide range of industrial applications

Major applications of fluorosilicone lined hoses

The material is used in applications where the medium flowing through the hose is likely to degrade the standard silicone. Fluorosilicone lined hoses are intended for use with less aggressive fuels to protect silicone from oil, gasoline, and diesel.


  • Fluorosilicone lined hoses are specifically designed for use in turbocharger hot and cold side systems and coolant hoses.
  • Applicable on trucks, buses, cars, generators, rail engines and other automotive applications where resistance to fuel, oil, OAT coolants, and various chemicals is required.


Aerospace industry

  • The industry applies unique fluorocarbon lined hoses for their chemical and heat resistance. They are used for aircraft control systems, for insulating wires and cables, and for other applications using low- and high-temperature brake and hydraulic fluids.


Chemical and pharmaceutical industry​​

  • ​​Fluorosilicone is compatible with medical grade silicone products, making it a key component in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. It provides a corrosion-resistant and sterile environment for a variety of hoses, coatings, liners, and equipment.


Fluorosilicone lined hoses from SIC

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