Monday August 22nd, 2022

Reverse engineering faster than ever? Now possible with our new 3D laser scanner

As part of our product design services, we often receive custommade parts from our clients that require a high level of engineering capabilities to design. This design process can be significantly accelerated by scanning the product with a 3D laser scanner which then creates a CAD drawing.

We made a considerable invested to upgrade our technological capabilities to speed up the design process, and make it more accurate. We opted for the SCANTECH SIMSCAN 3D scanner that is a handheld, portable-sized tool used in conjunction with the so-called Geomagic Design X software. This paring is ideal for


Introducing the SCANTECH SIMSCAN 3D scanner

The SCANTECH SIMSCAN is the only handheld portable industrial scanner capable of digitizing both large and small components. It is designed specifically for industrial applications, hence it enables accurate scanning even under harsh conditions. The single-handed control makes usage flexible, while the compact size makes it a portable solution.

The 11 laser crosses can scan an area up to 410 x 400 mm, ensuring smooth and efficient measurements. The scanner is capable of measuring with a resolution up to 0.02 mm, even on dark or highly reflective surfaces.

Three scanning modes are available:

  • ultra-fast scanning,
  • hyperfine scanning,
  • deep hole scanning.



The portable SCANTECH SIMSCAN 3D scanner

Geomagic Design software for remodeling

Along with a scanner, the right software is also needed to convert the data into 3D images. Geomagic Design X can edit scanned models and create files compatible with almost any CAD software.


Geomagic Design X in operation

Fields of application

Quality control

Filtering even the smallest defects during production is a key part of the process to ensure that no faulty product leaves the factory. The final component is scanned and compared with the original 3D CAD file. Inspection may include color mapping, geometric dimensioning, and tolerance testing.

Thanks to 3D technology, accurate inspection is possible even on elements that are difficult to control with conventional tools.

3D scanning during quality control

Reverse Engineering

Measuring and drawing a custom-designed product in a CAD program is extremely time-consuming. However, a 3D scanner makes the process more efficient due to the triangle mesh it uses to map the product. The software analyzes the data and creates digital surfaces from it.

The CAD model is based on the mapped surface. This way, the manufactured part will look the same as the one to be scanned – or the CAD model can be modified if necessary. The CAD file can be used in manufacturing, documentation, and product development, as well.

Reverse engineering of a product

Rapid prototyping

Maximize time and cost-effectiveness of the prototyping process can be a real competitive advantage over other market players. A 3D laser scanner can easily verify the geometric properties of the prototype, speeding up the testing process.

It also makes it easier to replace a missing part by creating a CAD design from tracing the inverse image.

Product development at SIC

We aim to find solutions that meet even the most specific quality and application requirements. Therefore we put a big emphasis on continuous research and improvement of our prototyping and module manufacturing processes.

By testing new technologies, and developing our know-how and production lines, we can offer a wide range of standard, industrial rubber products and customized solutions to businesses with special needs. Contact us and we’ll provide solutions that serve your industry.

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