1936 – 1938

Société Industrielle Du Caoutchouc was founded in Belgium. The company was focusing on rubber shoes and tubes. Two years later new production lines were set up for the manufacturing of molds and profiles.

1941 – 1945

Sic was not operating during the World War II. The factory opened its doors in 1946 again. The company gained the nickname Catchouke.

1946 – 1984

Newly adapted technologies increased the output of SIC. In 1963 Leon Alliance has joined the company in the commercial department. Thanks to the conscious marketing and sales efforts SIC was growing exponentially. With more then 20 years of experience at his back Leon Alliance becomes the General Manager of SIC.

1987 – 1992

Todays leader Michel Alliance, – the son of Leon Alliance – started working at the sales department in 1987. He navigates the company to a refreshed business name SIC Rubbers.

1997 – 2001

SIC Rubbers has found Hungary to be an ideal place to start a highly optimized manufacturing plant and took action, founded SIC Hungary. By 2001 SIC finished production in Zavantem and set up a commercial and logistical department in Brussels.

2010 – 2017

SIC Hungary has invested in modern production technologies and commenced a new Research and Development division. With several reinforcements in management and marketing SIC is able to face new business dimensions. Today SIC is an ISO certified high performance rubber production company, which able to design and produce complex products at any wished quantity.

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