Cost-effective production of rubber, EPDM, silicone, or Viton profiles is available starting from 500 meters. Extrusion on frame for special material qualities, manufacturing of seals and O-rings in medium and large quantities.


Extrusion of special material qualities, vulcanization by heat tunnel. Extruding and cutting profiles to size offers an economical solution with low tooling costs, in the Shore A 60-90 hardness range. We offer custom tool design and manufacturing to match the material quality. We manufacture products with ISO 3302E3 tolerance, or E1 within the Shore A 70-80 range, and deliver in roll or cut to size. For products that cannot be stamped from sheet material, we also offer pre-production of raw material blocks.

Technological advantages



Production of seals, O-rings and, upon request, extrusion on frame with industry-standard-plus quality and traceability.

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Glass industry

Manufacturing edge protectors, spacers, gap covers, sorting and plate clamping profiles, as well as glass sealing profiles in various material qualities.

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Food industry

Grease-, acid- and oil-resistant rubber parts for the food industry. Rings, insulation, hoses, and elbow pipes available in custom sizes.

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Construction and infrastructure

High-quality, durable, precision rubber, silicone, EPDM, or Viton components for construction and infrastructure.

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Our solutions

Profile extrusion

Production of various profiles for the automotive industry, glass manufacturing, construction, or infrastructure. In rolls or precisely cut to size, with ISO 3302E3-E1 tolerance following pre-production, hardness between Shore A 60-90. We offer cost-effective, automated solutions for mass production, starting from 500 meters.

Extrusion on frame

We offer extrusion on frame for special material quality and custom needs. We undertake production of custom-designed edge protectors, spacers, gap covers, sorting and sheet clamping profiles that meet the needs of glass industry products, windows and doors, including testing and material quality inspection.

High pressure resistant hose

Extrusion of hoses in various material qualities and sizes. For special industry needs, a custom, multi-layer hose extrusion machine is also available, improving pressure resistance by placing an additional layer between the inner and outer layers. Durable rubber, silicone, EPDM, and Viton hoses are available, vulcanized with the desired technology.

Pre-forming of compression products

Compression manufacturing of certain products is not feasible from a roll or sheet, therefore the raw material must be pre-formed. Extruding materials typically in square or rectangular profiles is a cost-effective solution as an intermediate step in the manufacturing process, without the need for vulcanization.

Vulcanisation heat tunnel

After extrusion and cutting to size as needed, products can be vulcanized with various methods. We recommend the use of heat tunnels to our partners, but salt bath and microwave vulcanization technologies are also available and we suggest the most suitable option for the chosen material quality.

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