What is an autoclave?

In rubber industry, autoclaves are used to vulcanize rubber products that are not yet stable dimensionally by elevating heat and pressure. It’s like a huge oven with extremely high temperature and pressure that makes rubber parts stabile and solid in size and shape. Industrial autoclaves are used to treat rubber products that cannot be fully finished by different molding technologies due to specific shapes or material composition.


Certain autoclave technologies allow the vulcanization of large amounts of rubber at the same time. SIC Hungary uses their own professional autoclave equipment that supports an outstanding capacity per production cycle. The horizontal autoclave has a diameter of 1500×3500 cm, while the diameter of the vertical autoclave is 1600×3500 cm. Obviously, small-scale products can be vulcanized in large quantities during one production cycle. Our autoclave has a maximum pressure of 6 bar and a maximum temperature tolerance of 165 °C.


Our high-end industrial autoclave is able to finish a range of rubber products that could not be vulcanized properly in molding machines. We cure many of our molded rubber items in an autoclave after removing them from the molding machine to make them stable and ready for application. Rubber production costs can be remarkably lowered with autoclave technology, as its molds are not expensive.

Technological advantages


Autoclaves are very often used as the key industrial process for the production of rubber pipes. Besides rubber-vulcanization, autoclaves are also applied in composite material curing processes such as carbon fiber, prepreg and further production processes that need sterilization. Our professional autoclave has great capacities to satisfy the needs of different industrial companies. It can be also rented – to support industry’s in-house production strategies.

Commonly used technology in the following industries
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