Organic rubber hoses

-30° celsius
+120° celsius


General application

For transferring air, water or fuel SIC offers a variety of rubber hoses in SBR, PVC/NBR, Hypalon®, Viton®, Neoprene ® (CR), Vamac ® (AEM) and NBR. These hoses are usually reinforced with Polyester and Nylon however Aramid reinforcement is also a tested and working solution for high temperatures. We also produce non-reinforced tubes in various sizes and shapes for industries with lower pressure requirements. Furthermore, we are happy to develop compounds upon request to achieve special acid resistance as well.


Reinforced version

Industries operating with extremely high pressure or vacuum most commonly use reinforced hoses.

Non-Reinforced version

In case of low pressure many industries use non-reinforced hoses, which are used mainly as drain pipes. To withstand a pressure amount of 1,5 bars we recommend the reinforcement of hoses.

  • Custom acid resistance is possible
  • Custom sizes and diameters
  • Oil and gas resistance
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