Charge air coolant hoses

-56° celsius
+250° celsius
+160° celsius


General application

We have developed our silicone turbo charger / CAC hoses to always fit the requirements defined by SAE J20 Class A. Our silicon hoses can be ordered in different sizes and shapes so they are able to connect different kinds of engine mounted charge air cooler system parts. We produce charge air hose with convoluted shape that perfectly endure vibrations and works well even in case of mis-alignments.

There are tow ways of manufacturing charge air hoses. Meta-aramid reinforced silicone hoses withstand a temperature range of -56 to +250 degrees Celsius while Polyester reinforced hoses withstand a range between -56 and 180 degrees Celsius.



Available with the option of fluoro-silicone or FKM inner linings for added resistance against oil and acid fuel. Hoses with metal fittings and crimped ends also can be developed on demand.


In-house test rig is available for the life-length testing of the hoses (cyclic pressures between 0 and 3 bars, while maintaining temperatures of up to 220 degrees Celsius, inside and outside the hose.)

  • Organic-acid based coolant resistance
  • Variable length and diameters
  • Every angle available up to 90 degrees
  • Pressure resistance up to 3 bar
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