Sunday June 17th, 2018

Why is Elmia Subcontractor the event of the year?

Picture a hub where 1200 leading manufacturing experts from 30 countries come under the same roof to share their expertise with each other. The greatest manufacturing fair in northern Europe is where suppliers and customers come to meet today’s experts and learn about tomorrow’s technology. The most innovative market players show their cutting-edge technologies to the public: smart materials and exciting products. It is like the Silicone Valley of manufacturing: the event creates an ideal microclimate for business development and profitable deals.

The manufacturing industry is facing a challenging but positive future; therefore, the event is more exciting than ever! The rapid change of connected technologies can bring about a paradigm shift in the manufacturing industry. Several new events were launched last year to provide inspiration for technological development such as the Subcontractor IoT Arena and the Pop-up Expo. Given this innovative environment, all contracts made there are incredibly valuable for the entire manufacturing industry.

What are we exhibiting at our booth?

As always, we exhibit our two most important product lines: RUBBER CONES and RUBBER to METAL BONDED PRODUCTS.

What do you need to know about our rubber cones?

Our demo product, the 30 cm and 50 cm rubber cone, was developed 50 years ago and it is still an essential product in the industry with high resistance against very low temperatures. Our cones hold up in the coldest climates, remaining flexible until – 40°C. Rubber cones can last you a life time, saving time and money as opposed to plastic cones.

Cones are widely used in sports, driving schools and many other areas where there is a chance of collusion. Falling on a rubber cone will not cause any serious injuries and will not damage the cone, either. Moreover, they are UV and salt water resistant, making them perfect signs for danger or detour that last for 50 years. Available in a wide variety of colors but we are happy to manufacture cones with customized colors, as well.

Learn more about our rubber cones here

What makes our rubber-to-metal-bonded products special?

Our rubber-to-metal-bonded products provide a reliable quality that lasts long for a reasonable price. Rubber-to-metal ceiling is the most sophisticated solution that is available today on the market. Ruined metal parts by erosion of materials in expensive equipment can contribute to high unexpected costs. Our bonding solution is a guaranteed one-time investment, saving a lot of time and money in the long run. Matching the Swedish philosophies, quality comes first for us. Tight tolerance and cost-efficiency in one product!

Read about our rubber-to-metal-bonded products here

Highest level of customization

Colors, sizes, shapes, angles, materials – can all be customized according to your needs to supply you with the best product. We make our own compound formulations in cooperation with Europe’s biggest and best-equipped polymer laboratories. After choosing the right shape, we make sure to adjust or develop material that will work perfectly for your purposes.

What’s new this year?

We are ready to join the world-class lineup. We are bringing our newest product developments. Remember the hose for abrasive control? We are looking forward to introducing our latest development to the international public. The hose enables you to observe abrasion visually in time. There is no need to dismantle the equipment anymore. This way, a significant amount of quality control time is saved and the operation becomes safer. Read about what advantages it brings to your business here

Get nostalgic with last year’s pictures

We hope to repeat last year’s success. Our stand at Hall C 3:13 was a perfect representation of our philosophy: manufacturing in the right quantity and quality. What are your thought on our stand?




The event will take place on 13-16 November 2018 in Sweden! See you there!

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