Monday February 19th, 2018

Shiny vs. textured finish on hose

Have you ever wondered what difference the shiny finish on a hose means in practice? It is not just about looks when it comes to hoses. The texture makes all the difference when it comes to usage. We’ll explain why.

The shiny surface is the result of hot-air curing, a process that the rubber goes through. Many manufacturers add extra additives such as silicon or fluorosilicone to the rubber during this process, which can be unbeneficial. Hoses need to be customized according to what acids they are exposed to, in order to avoid any reaction later.

Depending on what the hose will be used for, the correct material and post-cure needs to be chosen. In a household, EPDM hoses will do the job because they will not be exposed to extreme temperatures. However, if there is any risk of high temperature and ignition, the hose must be flame retardant, assuring that harmful gases will not be emitted. If food comes into the picture, there are even more requirements the hose needs to meet to comply with FDA standards. Moreover, it is also critical to preserve a clean atmosphere so that particles will not enter the cross-section of the hoses.

Make sure to consider all the above-mentioned aspects before deciding on which hose to use. In case you have any questions, we are always happy to help and give you advice. We, at SIC, have successfully managed to develop a hose with shiny finish without using any harmful additives. We offer a wide selection of hoses that comply with SAE J2006 R3/SAE J20 A/FDA standards and will meet your exact needs.

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