Sunday December 22nd, 2019

Plant upgrades to watch out for

Have you seen out latest installments in our plant? If not, let us give you an imaginary tour on what we have been so busy working on lately. Obviously, top quality products can only be manufactured in a highly efficient plant, therefore, we aim at upgrading our environment to facilitate a smooth production process.

Welcoming a new cooler room


Our new 25m 2 cooler room improves manufacturing directly as it is used, above all, for tempering raw materials. Some specialty raw materials such as silicone, HNBR, viton and CR (aka neoprene) also require special treatment. These products generally provide a premium quality and excellent structural stability. Keeping the materials on 15 °C degrees helps to preserve the texture and thus, improves product quality. We carry a considerable amount of these raw materials on stock to guarantee short production cycles and fast service.


Additional facility to enhance just-in-time manufacturing


Over the years, we have learnt that a great product is built on excellent service at the right time, in the right quantity, in the right packaging. Competitive logistics is key for SMEs, as well, therefore, we aim at constantly upgrading our processes. This year we have taken a large leap in our endeavors and extended our plant with a brand new logistics facility built entirely to facilitate just in time production. The investment extends to the addition of state-of-the-art material handling equipment, as well, keeping up with the industry.

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