Thursday September 12th, 2019

New C Frame Machines Join the Team

You may have already read our newsletter about our new C Frame machine that we added to our machinery portfolio to diversify our services. Our machine enables the compression of profiles with a width of 1 meter. While as for the length, the number of profiles connected together or weight, we do not have any limitation.

What are C Frame machines?

C Frame machines got their name from the “C” formation that they create around the bolster plate. These machines allow us to manufacture complex joint profiles such as joint corners, using compression molding.

What’s great about this technology?

C Frame machines allow three access points to the working area, which make loading and unloading easy and convenient. Moreover, the three access points also enable working with materials that vary in shape and size. Using C Frame machines, you can manufacture joint profiles with high levels of complexity at a low cost, driving up margins significantly. They are much more economical than straight-side presses. We can now manufacture custom profiles for you at a very affordable and competitive price. For individual quotes, please get in touch with us. We are looking forward to showing you what these machines can do!

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