Monday February 19th, 2018

Hose for abrasive control

Abrasion is an issue that many construction companies face regarding their hoses. When the material that travels through a hose causes abrasion, the thickness of the hose might decrease to a critical level. When this happens, dismantling an extremely large machine may involve equally high costs. Even a very small component can cause serious consequences when the silicone hose starts leaking out of the blue.

The abrasion can happen inside the hose as well as outside caused by the environment. There are some limits to how much abrasion can be avoided by only selecting the right material to the silicone hose. The general issue that construction companies face is that it is very hard to monitor the thickness of the hose so that it can be replaced in time, especially when the hose is built into a large machine. If this issue could be avoided, quality control time could be dramatically reduced.

For this reason, we have developed a hose for abrasive control. The two-color structure helps to identify abrasion in time. If you see the other color appearing inside or outside the hose, it means that the thickness has reached its critical thickness and it is about time to replace it without risking safety. All of a sudden, you gain control over abrasion. You only need a quick visual check to assure about the present condition of the hose. There is no need to dismantle the machine. This way, a significant amount of quality control time is spared and the stops in operation decrease drastically. Why risk it?

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